Rytech finds the real leak where the first restoration company failed in Vero Beach FL 32967

After returning home from a short vacation, a homeowner in Vero Beach discovered her carpet was wet. She called a plumber, who replaced the ring on her toilet as she thought that was the source of the leak. She was referred to a restoration firm that placed drying equipment, removed baseboards and removed a very small amount of padding. Unfortunately, she noticed that her carpeting was still very wet. After calling her insurance company, Gulfstream Insurance directed her to Rytech Restoration of Treasure Coast to provide professional water damage services.

She showed us the area of her carpet outside the bathroom which continued into the adjacent closet. The prior restoration company had removed baseboards and pulled a small amount of padding. We checked for moisture readings and found the carpet to be wet in the hallway as well as in the closet.

We explained to the homeowner that we would need to remove the wet padding and float the carpet to try to save the carpet. When pulling the wet carpet we noticed there was a small amount of standing water between the wall, adjacent to the closet where the tact strips were underneath.

At this point it was evident that the source of the leak was not from the toilet and that a leak detection inspection was required to complete the loss claim. The homeowner agreed that it was a good idea. Our technicians set up equipment including an airscrubber to prevent any secondary damage.

The original restoration company left the affected area of her home entirely wet and left the homeowner extremely unhappy. Rytech was successful with the drying process and saved our client additional water damage and a potential mold problem.

Rytech worked seamlessly with the customer's insurance company, Gulfstrem Insurance, to ensure all parties were completely satisfied.